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Microblading in Adelaide

When you've tried every pencil and powder there is in the search for thicker more beautiful brows, and it still hasn't worked, it might be time to book in for microblading in Adelaide.

One of the latest innovations in cosmetic tattooing, microblading is considered highly effective and extremely natural looking. Unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, this method uses fine needles rather than a tattooing gun. The colour penetrates just three layers deep, as opposed to seven, giving a more subtle result.

The standout feature here is that, with microblading, eyebrow hairs are drawn in individually. This is what delivers those amazingly natural-looking results. It also means the look can be altered if necessary.

How to Prepare

The best microblading in Adelaide is not a spur of the moment decision. You do need to prepare. The first step is to find out if this treatment is for you. You can use Bookwell to source a qualified practitioner in your locality and make a booking.

The clinic will run through the procedure with you, answer all your queries and ask a few questions about your medical history. In most cases, there is no problem. You will be advised to avoid drinking a day or two before the procedure, and stop using retinol (if applicable) one week before. This is because retinol can make your skin thin, which would result in increased bleeding.

The treatment itself is not that painful. You will feel little scratches but it's more discomfort than pain. Besides, a topical numbing cream is used to dull the effect.

Lasts Up to Three Years

After treatment, there will be a little redness and mild swelling, but your new brows will already be looking great. They start off darker but fade 30% to 40% to give a really natural finish. You will most likely be given a soothing aftercare ointment to use. The secret to fast healing is to keep the treated area clean and dry for the following few days.

Described as a semi-permanent treatment, results can last up to three years. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to have touch-ups every six months or so.