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False Eyelashes in Gold Coast

What goes around comes around; that's what they say and it's certainly true as far as beauty and fashion trends are concerned. One trend that was 'out' for a while but is back with a vengeance now is wearing false eyelashes in Gold Coast.

Eyelash extensions aren't for everyone so, if you have a special occasion coming up and you want to look totally glam, false eyelashes are the answer. In fact, if you get your makeup done professionally for your wedding, your makeup artist will probably recommend them.

Safe and Easy

One thing's for sure, false eyelashes have improved dramatically over the years. The best false eyelashes in Gold Coast today are safe, easy to wear and look amazing. That's a far cry from some of the methods used in the past.

Back in 1899, the 'trend' was to have other people's lashes implanted in your eyelids using needles; no thanks! It was probably Canadian Anna Taylor who first patented false eyelashes back in 1911. Her version was a crescent-shaped piece of material implanted with tiny hairs. Uhm.

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In 1915 New York hairdresser Karl Nessler started selling false eyelashes in his salon, promoting them as protection against the glare of electric lights. He actually hired chorus girls to wear them and sell them by batting their eyelashes at customers.

By the 2000s false eyelashes were pretty much mainstream and regularly featured on the red carpet and the runway. Today you can even buy false eyelashes in Gold Coast in the supermarket but we wouldn't recommend it.

It's all about the glue really. Some of the cheap imports found in retail stores use pretty dodgy glue that we wouldn't recommend putting anywhere near your eyes. Our advice is to visit a lash and brow salon and check out the range there. You'll find salons in your locality by searching Bookwell.