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Eyelash Lift in Adelaide

If we said we could show you how to have amazingly gorgeous eyelashes for up to 12 weeks you'd be interested, right? Then you need to read on about getting an eyelash lift in Adelaide.

You could describe this treatment as a newer version of the eyelash perm, although they are slightly different. Both treatments are designed to make your natural lashes appear longer and fuller; the perm gives your lashes a soft curl whilst the eyelash lift works from the base of the hair.

Enhance Your Eyes

Eyelash lifts are becoming really popular with those who want to enhance their eyes without using eyelash extensions. Using your own lashes the treatment lasts until the hairs naturally renew themselves. Depending on your hair growth cycle this could be up to three months.

The procedure is very safe and comfortable and doesn't take too long. Whilst you relax your therapist will use special silicon pads and a lifting solution to 'lift' your lashes and create an upward sweeping appearance. This immediately highlights your eyes and gives you a more refreshed and youthful look.

Add An Eyelash Tint

Most clients choose to finish their eyelash lift in Adelaide with a lash tint. It's a great idea as it adds even more definition.

Once the treatment is completed you will need to be careful for 24 hours, as you must keep the lashes dry and not use any makeup. After that, do whatever you wish; you can still wear mascara if you want.

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The great thing about this treatment is you wake up looking amazing. Not only that but if you love to swim or visit the gym, you know you're still going to look gorgeous without doing a thing. Many people combine their eyelash lift with an eyeliner tattoo for a total transformation.

If you think this is the treatment for you just have a browse through Bookwell for a practitioner in your locality.