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Brazilian Waxing in Perth

Waxing is a delicate and personal experience. When you’re dealing with hot wax and a sensitive area, only the best will do. Thankfully, our waxing salons in Perth are the crème de la crème. Replace that crème with wax, and you know what we’re talking about.

Brazilian waxes are different from a regular bikini wax. Your hair is removed in the front, back and everywhere in between. Talk about barely there. A landing strip is left in the front. If you want it all off, ask for a Hollywood – the Brazilian’s bare cousin.

Now that you’ve got that clean bikini line, there’s nothing more annoying than having it interrupted by red bumps or ingrown hairs. There are a few things you can do to prevent this:

Firstly, you can start exfoliating three days before your appointment. This can help you to get rid dead skill cells that prevent your hair follicles from growing the right way. Wear loose fitting clothes after you wax. You want to let your skin breathe. Tight clothes can irritate freshly waxed areas by rubbing against the skin. This can exacerbate ingrown hairs. You should also exfoliate after your appointment. Wait at least a day. Apply a lotion or a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid.

Keep up to date with your waxing appointment. By getting waxed every 4 – 6 weeks. This can help reduce the pain, and you’ll be able to see better results. Waxing can result in your hair growing back thinner. The science behind this is simple: when you wax, you are pulling the hair from the root. This damages the hair bulb meaning the hair grows back less dense with a finer texture. In comparison, when you shave you are simply ‘cutting’ the hair – often at the thickest point of the shaft. This may make it appear darker. So waxing > shaving.

Now that you’re convinced, book an appointment with one of our waxing salons in Perth today.