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Body Scrub in Perth

Living in a hot sunny climate like Perth is fabulous if you love the beach and getting outdoors, but it's not always that good for your skin. Over time sweat, salt, oils and sunscreen will build up on the skin, blocking your pores and leaving your skin dull and dry.

There's an easy solution and that's getting a regular body scrub in Perth. There are some excellent spas and clinics where you book this great treatment.

Younger Looking Skin

Sometimes referred to as a body polish, a body scrub uses an exfoliant mixed with oil to gently slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores. This encourages new skin cells to grow and promotes better blood flow, all leading to a radiant younger looking skin.

The best body scrub in Perth uses naturally abrasive ingredients like sugar, sea salt, rice or coffee. Essential oils may also be added to increase your relaxation and deliver their health-giving benefits. When you search Bookwell for body scrubs in Perth you'll come across treatments that sound good enough to eat! Many include coconut milk, citrus, herbs and flower extracts.

Professional Body Polish

The treatment is rather like a massage. You simply relax whilst your therapist gently rubs in the scrub to remove dead skin, dirt and toxins. Scented with beautiful oils like lavender or chamomile, you'll find that all your stress and worries just drift away.

The scrub will then be rinsed off before your skin is moisturised. The treatment may include a massage, body wrap, and even some reflexology. You can always design your own package. A body exfoliation is also the best way to prepare for a spray tan.

Reduce Cellulite

If you'd like to target cellulite at the same time be sure to ask for a coffee body scrub. The coffee grinds will reduce the appearance of existing cellulite and slow down new formation. We have some wonderful body polish spas listed on Bookwell so have a browse and book today.