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Top 20 Bath venues

Here is our pick for the top venues offering Bath from around Australia.

  1. Body Stimulants Beauty & Massage Centre
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    Body Stimulants Beauty & Massage Centre

    116 King Street, Newtown 2042
    Body Stimulants Beauty & Massage Centre offers a range of beauty services. Chill out with a fabulous Facial, IPL Hair Removal, Lash and Brow Treatments, or Wax.
  2. Healthy Thai Massage - South Yarra
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    Healthy Thai Massage - South Yarra

    119 Toorak Road, South Yarra 3141
  3. 1028 Mornington Day Spa
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    1028 Mornington Day Spa

    1028 Nepean Highway, Mornington 3931
    Enjoy a spa treatment like never before at 1028 Mornington Day Spa. Spoil yourself with professional facial, body massage, sauna, or spa package.
  4. Zara Beauty and Hair Salon
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    Zara Beauty and Hair Salon

    113 Sydney Road, Coburg 3058
    Zara Beauty salon offers an extensive range of hair, beauty and nail treatments. Choose from hair cutting, colouring and extensions, waxing, and threading.
  5. Sydney City Thai Massage and Spa
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    Sydney City Thai Massage and Spa

    737-739 George Street Level 1, Haymarket 2000
    The Sydney Thai Massage & Spa is a heavenly place. Try a traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, or detoxing facial for the ultimate in relaxation.
  6. Regimen Massage
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    Regimen Massage

    Shop 6A/ 168 Gowan Road, Sunnybank Hills 4109
    Regimen Massage boasts many beneficial traditional and alternative therapies. Guests can choose from acupuncture, deep tissue, reflexology and remedial massage
  7. Nice Relaxing Thai Massage & Spa
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    Nice Relaxing Thai Massage & Spa

    713 George Street, Haymarket 2000
    Book in your next pamper day at Nice Relaxing Thai Massage & Spa. Choose from relaxing reflexology, remedial massage, or an ultra pampering spa package.
  8. Charlotte's Harmony Beauty Therapy
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    Charlotte's Harmony Beauty Therapy

    22 Mavron Street, Ashwood, VIC 3147, Ashwood 3147
    Charlotte’s Harmony Beauty Therapy offers facials, non-surgical face-lifts, non-invasive body contouring, waxing, body scrubs, and massages.
  9. Vibe Ayurveda
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    Vibe Ayurveda

    11 Carnell Place, Balwyn North 3104
    Vibe Ayurveda specialises in health and wellness offerings. Services include Ayurveda, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair treatments, and yoga classes.
  10. Nada Thai Massage and Spa
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    Nada Thai Massage and Spa

    23 Cabot Dr, Altona North, VIC 3025, Australia, Altona North 3025
    Indulge in a traditional Thai massage at Nada Thai Massage and Spa. Improve your sense of wellbeing with Deep Tissue, Remedial, and Sports Massage, or facials.
  11. Tang Spa Beauty Massage - George St
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    Tang Spa Beauty Massage - George St

    103 375 George Street, Sydney CBD 2000
    Treat yourself to a massage at the Tang Spa Beauty Massage. Chinese massage, an oil massage, Swedish, Shiatsu or Thai massage, they're experts at them all.
  12. Tang Spa Beauty Massage - Glebe
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    Tang Spa Beauty Massage - Glebe

    Shop 2, 287 Broadway, Glebe 2037
    Treat yourself to a massage at the Tang Spa Beauty Massage. Choose from a Chinese massage, an oil massage, Swedish, Shiatsu or Thai massage.
  13. Amara Wellness Centre

    Amara Wellness Centre

    Level 1 / Suite 3 597-601 Sydney Road, Brunswick 3056
  14. Signature Day Spa Wellness Centre

    Signature Day Spa Wellness Centre

    77 Parramatta Road, Camperdown 2050
  15. Nature Thai Massage - Balwyn

    Nature Thai Massage - Balwyn

    235A Whitehorse Road, Balwyn 3103
  16. Thai Soul Massage & Spa

    Thai Soul Massage & Spa

    324 Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick 3185
  17. Thai Soul Massage and Spa - Caulfield

    Thai Soul Massage and Spa - Caulfield

    813 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield 3162
    Thai Soul Massage and Spa is a Caulfield-based Thai massage clinic. Offering high-quality Thai massage services, the clinic specialises in restorative therapies for relaxation and recovery.
  18. Blanc Spa

    Blanc Spa

    572 Malvern Road, Prahran 3181
  19. JC Unique Laser Beauty & Day Spa

    JC Unique Laser Beauty & Day Spa

    295 Springfield Road, Nunawading 3131
    JC Unique Laser Beauty & Day Spa offers a variety of salon services in Nunawading. Recommended by locals, JC Unique is on a mission to get you looking and feeling beautiful.
  20. Anahata Therapies

    Anahata Therapies

    17 Myahgah Road, Mosman 2088
Average rating of venues offering Bath across Australia
4.8 · based on 19 reviews of 26 venues


In the wise words of Sylvia Plath, "There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them." In Europe and Japan, bathing is widely accepted as a therapeutic activity. Even the Ancient Romans recognised the importance of a nice soak, and enjoyed bathing and socialise, often at the same time.

A spa bath usually takes place in a private room. It can be just for you but if you’re feeling romantic, bring your partner along. Your therapist will infuse the water with wonderful ingredients, as well as enhance the mood with scented candles. It takes your bathing experience to a whole new level. Remember to take your time: allowing yourself to enjoy this ritual is what makes this experience truly magical.

Here are some of our favourite baths:

Aromatherapy Baths

Scent is one of our most powerful senses. It is highly evocative and personal; a certain smell can trigger a strong emotional and psychological feeling. This is why aromatherapy baths have physical and emotional benefits. Your spa therapist will infuse your bath water with your chosen blend of essential oils. The warm temperature of the bath activates the oils and releases a soothing vapour. This permeates your skin and your respiratory system for a fully immersive experience.

Different essential oils have different benefits. If you have difficulty sleeping, choose a blend with chamomile and lavender for their relaxing properties. (Although please do not to fall asleep in the tub!) Eucalyptus is a powerful scent that has antibacterial properties. If you have a cold, this will help clear your nasal passages. Ylang-ylang is another popular choice. It’s calming and romantic – perfect for a couples bath.

Ayurvedic Baths

Bathing is an important part of ayurvedic treatment. Your ayurvedic bath will usually be preceded by a full-body warm oil massage to relax your muscles. Then you will soak in a luxuriant bath featuring rose petals, milk, honey and turmeric. This sounds like a dessert we can get behind. The ayurvedic bath is designed to realign your body, mind and spirit.

Flower Baths

Get ready to shower with flowers. Flower baths are a popular practice in Asia. Your therapist will infuse your water with flowers and herbs. Not only is it a relaxing experience, the flower bath is said to promote positive energies. The different colours of the petals carry specific vibrations to promote healing.

Mineral Baths

Civilisations have celebrated the benefits of mineral-rich water for centuries. The Japanese have their onsens, and the Ancient Romans turned mineral springs into beautiful bath houses. In a spa setting, your therapist will add salt and minerals to the water. If the spa is close to a hot spring, they will use this natural resource.

Bathing in these waters has several benefits. The bicarbonate in the water helps to open up your blood vessels, improving circulation. It can also help to address hypertension. The sulphur in the water is known as ‘nature’s beauty miracle’. It helps you to manufacture collagen for more youthful looking skin. Sulphur and also eases itchy, irritated skin; if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, a mineral bath will do wonders.

Foot Baths

While not a totally immersive experience, the foot bath is the unsung hero of bathing treatments. It is usually done at the beginning of your spa experience. Your feet are a hot house of nerve endings that connect to various parts of your body. Did you know that soaking your feet in hot water can relieve congestion in your other organs? A relaxing foot bath or spa even relieve headaches, toothaches, pelvic pain, liver problems, and cold symptoms.

We encourage to work yourself in a lather, especially when the lather includes fragrant and healing ingredients like the baths on offer at Bookwell's spas and salons. Look through our bath treatments and make an appointment today.