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Spray Tanning in Melbourne

One of our favorite things to do in summer is float down Warrandyte River, on our inflatable while watching our arms turn a delicious golden brown. Unfortunately, sun damage and Melbourne’s fickle weather can quickly ruin any bronze goddess dreams. It doesn’t always have to be this way. Spray tans are basically sun in a bottle, without the UV damage.

Fact: you always look better with a tan. It can help you look healthier and happier. It’s hard to look bad when you look like you’ve spent the last five weeks in Cannes. Melbourne has no shortage of spray tanning salons. Book yourself in with one of our spray tanning artists, who can help you achieve that holiday glow without the tan lines. They can also help to contour your body to give you instant collarbones for similar appearance. Seriously, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Before you turn up the color, there are a few things you should remember to keep your tan looking on fleek, rather than on flake(y). First, exfoliate the day before. It gets rid of those dead skin cells, and preps your skin. Follow up with a moisturizer that is oil-free. Make sure you wear loose clothes to your appointment because you want that color on your skin, not your laundry. To extend its shelf life, moisturize and gently exfoliate your skin after the colour has developed. This will help you keep your tan even and streak free. If there are darker streakers, soak a cotton ball in nail polish and gently swipe them away. Be sure to rinse and moisturize after!

The spray tan is your secret to looking like you’ve been living on a tropical island all year around. Book an appointment with one of our spray tan artists today.