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Spray Tanning in Melbourne

Whilst we all love the feel of natural sunlight on our skin, we also know that we have to protect ourselves against sun damage and skin cancer. And that's why spray tanning in Melbourne is so popular.

There's nothing like softly bronzed skin to give you that warm summer glow, that says health, vitality and beauty. And it's even better when you know it's not damaging your skin.

Best for Preventing Wrinkles

As lovely as natural sunshine is, too much of it can cause irreparable damage. In fact, research shows that 80% of skin ageing is caused by the sun's UV rays. That's pretty scary stuff!

Years ago, when we didn't fully understand what the sun could do, we'd lay out in it for hours, usually with no sun protection. The alternative was those terrible orange fake tans out of a bottle.

Luckily for us, artificial tanning technology has improved in leaps and bounds, and today's spray tanning is both natural looking and easily accessible.

All Over Bronze Glow

DIY self-tanning products have also improved, but spray tanning is definitely the most efficient way of getting an all-over bronze glow.

Salon spray tanning techniques differ, depending on what you are seeking. In some cases, a therapist will spray tan you; in others, you might use a tanning booth. How long the tan lasts also varies according to the product you choose.

Streak Free Tanning

One thing we do know is that your spray tan will last longer, and look even better, if you prepare your skin in advance.

If you need to shave or wax, do so a couple of days before your spray tanning appointment. Then the day before, exfoliate well to get rid of dead skin cells.

Some spray tans are visible almost immediately, while others take a few hours to develop. General speaking, spray tanning in Melbourne is the only way to get a truly streak-free glow.