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Thai Massage in Brisbane

How lucky are you living in Brisbane? We just love this great city: sophisticated yet laidback; fashionable and fun. And the weather . . . just gorgeous. No wonder even the locals feel as if they're on holiday.

Or maybe it's because Brisbane residents have access to so many great natural therapies, including Thai massage.

Being such a hip and happening place, Brisbane is no stranger to the alternative and you'll find everything, from acupuncture to Ka Huna. So go ahead, sooth your soul and mend your body with one of our wonderful practitioners.

Energy Booster

Thai massage is a wonderful experience that dates back thousands of years, even to Buddha's time. Being an ancient therapy, it focuses on our natural energy lines or meridians, and the body's pressure points.

You keep your clothes on for this one and, generally, there's no massage oil involved. Your therapist will incorporate everything from hands-on massage to assisted yoga positions and acupressure.

The idea is to relax and stretch your body, and release energy blockages, to give you a feeling of total wellbeing.

And don't be surprised if your Thai massage therapist gets stuck in with their elbows or knees - they know what they're doing and trust us, it works.

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You know why we all love our jobs here at BookWell? Because we just have to try all these fantastic health and beauty treatments for ourselves. And Thai massage is one of our favourites.

Anytime is a good time for a massage, so just pick the day that works best for you. Maybe on your day off, or before you collect the kids from school. If your job is really stressful, mid-week is highly recommended.

It's so easy to book a Thai massage in Brisbane with BookWell. Just browse, select and book and you're well on your way to a happier, healthier you.