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Remedial Massage in Perth

Relaxed, easy going and informal, Perth is a beautiful place to live, work and visit. With everything it has to offer, don’t let annoying muscle pain get in your way. A remedial massage in one of our beautiful salons can fix you and get you back on track. It will also help prevent those aches and pains from coming back.

Remedial massage works to the principles of anatomy and physiology. A trained therapist will understand that a recurrent pain somewhere in the body, is probably caused by a problem elsewhere. For example, most headaches are caused by a problem in the neck or shoulders. These problems are usually within the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which collectively, make up our soft tissues. These soft tissues are primarily responsible for our movement. If we feel pain or inflexibility, it’s usually to do with something amiss in these tissues. Problems can go back to a childhood injury, or sitting uncomfortably in the office or car. Even the wrong shoes or a continually heavy bag can cause problems.

Remedial massage therapists will look at your pain and treat the area of soft tissue damage it relates to. These related areas are called trigger points and remedial massage is a fantastic holistic way to treat pain. Expect a deep tissue massage, similar to a sports massage. Your therapist will also use manipulation techniques to correct your soft tissues and free up tightness in your joints.

Despite its nature, this kind of massage will still make you feel relaxed and serene. You’ll leave feeling stress free and your tight muscles will feel looser. Your freedom of movement will return and your pain will begin to subside. Amazing!

Don’t let your muscle pain hold you back. Book your remedial massage in one of our Perth salons today. You won’t regret it.