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Top Pregnancy Massage venues in Perth

Here is our pick for the top venues offering Pregnancy Massage in Perth .

  1. Timeless Skin & Beauty - Singleton

    2 Redwood Avenue, Karnup 6176
    Timeless Skin & Beauty is a specialty beauty studio offering deluxe treatments in Singleton.
  2. Sorrento Health Care Acupuncture & Massage

    28 Southside Drive (Shop 46A, Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour), Hillarys 6025
    Sorrento Health Care Acupuncture & Massage offer natural therapies including Relaxation, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and Pregnancy Massage.
  3. Timeless Skin & Beauty - North Beach

    1 North Beach Road, North Beach 6020
    Timeless Skin & Beauty is a locally owned beauty studio offering luxury treatments in North Beach.
  4. Timeless Skin & Beauty - CBD

    77 Saint Georges Terrace, Perth CBD 6000
    Timeless Skin & Beauty is a modern beauty studio offering express treatments in the CBD.
  5. Luxe Spa on Kensington

    16 Kensington Street, East Perth 6004
    Luxe Spa on Kensington, one of Perth’s most luxurious day spas, is the perfect haven for ultimate relaxation. Spoil yourself with a specialty massage.
  6. Qin's Massage

    Shop 102A / Sorrento Quay Hillarys Boat Harbour 28 Southside Drive, Hillarys 6025
    Qin’s Massage can relieve tension and discomfort through massage treatments including remedial, hot stone, or relaxation. Book in a manicure, too!
Average rating of venues offering Pregnancy Massage in Perth, WA
4.5 · based on 40 reviews of 6 venues

Pregnancy Massage in Perth

Once you're past your first trimester there's something you can do that will make you and your baby feel amazing - book a pregnancy massage in Perth. In fact, to help ensure an easy pregnancy and childbirth, book in regularly for this wonderful treatment.

Massage during pregnancy delivers so many benefits and, as long as you check with your doctor first, is perfectly safe.

Relieve Back Pain

On a physical level, a good pregnancy massage in Perth can help relieve all those aches and pains. As you get bigger you are placing immense pressure on your joints and this can lead to lower back pain, swollen ankles and even sciatica.

Massage will soothe the pain and stimulate your lymph system to remove waste and fluid. It will also boost blood flow so that you and your baby get all the oxygen and nutrients you need.

Any form of massage helps our bodies detox and that's essential for general health and wellbeing. It's even more important in pregnancy as you want your baby's immune system to be strong.

Give Stress the Flick

It's quite common for women to get anxious and stressed during pregnancy, especially if it's their first time. The trouble is, the more stressed we become the more 'negative' hormones our bodies produce. Massage can help alleviate this condition, reducing stress and boosting the endorphins that make us feel relaxed and happy.

Several studies have been done on this topic. The results show that as well as improving the pregnancy this can also make childbirth easier and reduce the risk of complications. For that reason alone it's worth booking a regular pregnancy massage in Perth.

Best Pregnancy Massage in Perth

Another study suggested that a weekly pregnancy massage lowered the risk of premature birth and low birth weight. The science is there so you should definitely give it a try. If you have any concerns just have a chat with your doctor and then use Bookwell to find the best pregnancy massage in Perth.

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