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Head Massage in Perth

There's no disputing that Perth is a beautiful city with a lovely climate but does it play havoc with your hair and scalp? Once known for its dry heat Perth has been experiencing some pretty high humidity of late.

Humidity not only makes your hair frizzy but it can cause other annoying conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp. It's totally what you'd call a bad hair day!

Regular Head Massage

Of course, there are plenty of products on the market to treat these conditions but there's something more natural you can do, too; get a regular head massage in Perth.

A head or scalp massage offers so many amazing benefits, from getting rid of stress to treating dandruff and even improving hair growth. A head massage sends plenty of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your scalp, which promotes strong hair and healthy hair follicles. Massaging with oil such as coconut, almond or jojoba will keep your hair and scalp moisturised and helps give dandruff the flick.

Healthier Scalp

Our natural scalp oils tend to build up in hot and humid weather and this can lead to itchy bumps and sebaceous cysts. Regular massage spreads the oils through the hair and unblocks the pores for a healthier scalp.

Often a process called scritching is incorporated into your head massage. This uses the nails to gently remove debris from your scalp, including dirt, product build-up and dried sebum. There is also a treatment called detumescence therapy, which is scalp massage to remove excess sebum.

Benefits of Head Massage in Perth

This might all sound a bit gross but excess sebum may contribute to hair loss in men. Whilst a head massage isn't a replacement for hair loss treatments or transplant, it could certainly help. Studies have come up with some encouraging results and there's plenty of anecdotal evidence online.

Head massage in Perth is also great for treating headaches and migraines, reducing stress, improving sleep, relaxing the neck and shoulders and much more. Be sure to book yours soon.