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Foot Massage in Perth

Laid back, relaxed and easy going, if Perth was an indulgent beauty treatment, it’d be a foot massage. There’s nothing quite laying back, closing your eyes and having an expert therapist massage your feet and lower legs. It really is pure bliss.

Choose from a foot spa treatment and pedicure, a full on hour of pure foot massage heaven or a session of reflexology. And there’s no need to worry. Your therapist will be used to dealing with all kinds of feet so yours will be absolutely fine, each treatment usually starts with a luxuriously relaxing foot soak anyway. So even feet that’ve been at work all day in the cosmopolitan and cool city that is Perth, will be as fresh as a daisy by the time your massage begins. Some salons add in a foot scrub too, an extra special treat for the feet. If you’re ticklish, don’t miss out on experiencing a foot massage. Your therapist will use long, continuous massage strokes which eliminates the chances of anything tickly.

If you choose to go for a reflexology session, expect to feel like you’re floating on air when you leave. A trained reflexologist will use firm pressure and targeted massage techniques to concentrate on specific areas of your feet. These specific areas are linked to exact points in the body and reflexology sends healing messages to these areas. So if you have a certain health complaint, a reflexology appointment could be just the thing you need. Your therapist may use acupressure techniques to target these areas further too.

Want to feel amazing? Don’t be tempted by a home foot massage machine. Give your massage-giving partner the night off. Book your foot massage in with one of our perfect Perth salons today and be made to feel super special!