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Women's Haircut in Perth

From arty Fremantle to its beautiful coastline, Perth is a vibrant and lively city. You want a hairstyle that can keep up with your lifestyle. Therefore, it’s important to get one that works with your natural hair texture, rather than against it. Thankfully, Perth has a myriad of hairdressers to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

Read our guide to finding the perfect cut for your hair, and never have a bad hair day again:

For Thick Straight Hair

Go for an effortlessly layered style. The layers will give your hair movement and lightness. Let the strands fall past your shoulders. If cropped too tightly, your locks could end up looking like a wig.

For Thick Curly Hair

You need a bit of weight to keep your curls from ballooning around your face, so keep your hair below your shoulders. Uneven ends help to avoid a bottom-heavy effect.

For Tight Curls

Embrace your natural texture instead of fighting it. A shoulder-length style will open up your face, and make your eyes and cheekbones pop. Try a center part – that is key to keeping your look modern. Tapered triangle-shaped layers below your jaw line will keep the shape soft. The widest part of the style should be with at your cheeks.

For Fine Straight Hair

You want to amp up the volume. Keep the length full and blunt to create an illusion of thickness. Layers can make your hair look thinner so avoid razors and texture shears. Upon saying that, slight layers around your face can flatter your appearance.

For Fine Wavy Hair

Work with your hair texture to get the volume that you need. Go for a short, layered bob to help the waves come out. Keep hair at chin-length or shorter.

It’s all about getting more bang for your bob. Make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Perth today.