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Keratin Treatment in Perth

Perth is blessed to have more sunshine than any other Australian city - but that isn't particularly good for your hair. Sun exposure is one of several factors that can cause your hair to become porous and brittle.

Along with over-styling, chemicals, pollution and natural ageing, sun exposure causes your hair to lose keratin, a vital protein needed to keep nails, skin and hair healthy. As the keratin diminishes, the hair loses its protective shield and becomes frizzy and unmanageable.

Choosing a Salon

Thankfully there is now an amazing solution, and that's getting a keratin treatment in Perth. It is much faster acting than taking a keratin supplement, and the results can last for up to three months. There are several different types of keratin treatments available, some better than others, so be sure to choose a hair salon that specialises in the treatment.

You will need to leave two to three hours for your treatment as there are several stages to go through. You will also be advised not to shampoo or style your hair for around 48 hours afterwards, as this can affect the success of the treatment.

Best Keratin Treatment in Perth

It's important to note that this is a smoothing treatment, not a hair straightening treatment. Whilst it does effectively straighten your hair - and drastically reduce styling time - it is designed to give your hair shine and get rid of frizz.

The best keratin treatment in Perth is now far more affordable than in the past, although the cost may vary according to the length and thickness of your hair.

Smooth and Shiny Hair

The treatment simply washes out over time so, to prolong the effect, avoid over washing your hair and make the switch to a sulphate-free shampoo.

The great thing about keratin is that it's a naturally occurring protein, so really you're just topping up your body's supply. It's probably the best solution available for keeping your hair smooth, shiny, strong and frizz-free.