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Top Hair Extensions venues in Perth

  1. The Perfect Hair StudioThe Perfect Hair Studio

    The Perfect Hair Studio

    5 17 Green Street, Mount Hawthorn 6016
    The Perfect Hair Studio is truly perfect. The stylists offer perfect anything from, basic wash and blow dry to haircuts and colours.

Hair Extensions in Perth

Hey Rapunzel, let down your hair. Welcome to the world of hair extensions where you can fix an impulse cut, try out bangs or experiment with mermaid-coloured hair. From arty Fremantle to sophisticated Subiaco, you want hair that is as vibrant as the city of Perth.

Make an appointment with one of our hair extension specialists. They will help you to navigate this hair-y situation. Finding the right extension method will depend on your budget, your preference and your hair type.

Read our break down of the different methods and decide on the one that best suits you:

If you want a quick fix, try the clip-in: All you have to do is snap the barrette-like clips to the roots of your hair. A trained stylist will help you match your texture and colour. Whether you want them for a special occasion or a night out, you can’t go wrong with body that just won’t quit.

If you have wavy, medium-textured hair, go for fusion hair extensions: Individual extensions are bonded to the root of your hair, using keratin glue and a heat connector clamp. The method can be used for any texture but it is suitable for medium hair because the beads of glue may show on fine hair. The process takes about five to eight hours, so bring your phone charger. This lasts for four months.

If you have straight, fine hair, try tape-in extensions: This is the new kid on the block. Extensions are secured to natural hair using clear double-sided tape. This costs less than other methods, and it is less time consuming. You are in and out of the salon in an hour. However, you will need to touch it up every six to eight weeks.

If you have thick, coarse or curly hair, try woven-in hair extensions: The underside of your hair is braided into tiny rows, and then the weft is sewn in with threads. This type of extension is thicker and heavier, so your hair needs to have enough strength and texture to hold the braid. This lasts for about three months, and can be applied in under two hours.

What are you waiting for? Stress less about your tresses, and make an appointment with Bookwell today.