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Top 20 Dreadlock Salons
Here's our pick for the top salons specialising in dreadlocks.

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  1. Creamax Salon

    Creamax Salon

    293 Sydney Road, Brunswick 3056
    Look good and feel amazing at Creamax Salon. The friendly team are on hand for all your hair needs, including cuts, colours or glamourous hair extensions.
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  2. Desire Hair Extensions and Braids

    Desire Hair Extensions and Braids

    679 Beams Road, Carseldine 4034
    For genuine hair extensions and flawless dreadlocks and braids that set you apart and reflect your individuality, see Podia at Desire Hair Extensions and Braids in Carseldine.
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  3. Mama Africa Hair Salon

    Mama Africa Hair Salon

    976 High Street, Reservoir 3073
    Mama Africa Hair Salon is a Reservoir hair salon specialising in African hair styling, offering dreadlocks, extensions, braids, and cornrows.
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  4. Green Butterfly

    Green Butterfly

    220 High Street, Northcote 3070
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  5. Altering Images By Yovanka Rothschild

    Altering Images By Yovanka Rothschild

    152 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills 2010
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  6. CitiHair Extensions

    CitiHair Extensions

    502 Victoria Street, North Melbourne 3051
    CitiHair Extensions is one of Melbourne's foremost experts in providing high quality hair for men, women and children, creating exceptional tailored results.
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  7. Cherry Bomb Hair

    Cherry Bomb Hair

    42 Smith Street, Collingwood 3066
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  8. Keizo Hair Design

    Keizo Hair Design

    99 Bedford Rd, Ringwood East 3135
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  9. Freo Fringe Hair Salon

    Freo Fringe Hair Salon

    Suite 1/67 Wray Ave, Fremantle 6160
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  10. Hair Flair

    Hair Flair

    3 Crown St, Fairfield East 2165
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  11. Images Hair Design

    Images Hair Design

    Shop 2/4 Port Quays, Wannanup 6210
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  12. Sabe Hair

    Sabe Hair

    4/908 Hamilton Rd, McDowall 4053
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  13. Scissor & Stone

    Scissor & Stone

    61 Makybe Dr, Baldivis 6171
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  14. The End Hairdressing

    The End Hairdressing

    Shop 1A/2/2375 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach 4218
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  15. Imperial Barber Studio Kuranda

    Imperial Barber Studio Kuranda

    The red house, Shop 3/24 Coondoo St, Kuranda 4881
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  16. The Last Barber

    The Last Barber

    45 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah 6210
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  17. Bombshells for hair wanneroo markets wa

    Bombshells for hair wanneroo markets wa

    135/33 Prindiville Dr, Wangara 6065
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  18. Hairmoves Chelsea

    Hairmoves Chelsea

    Shop T03 Chelsea Beach Arcade, 426 Nepean Hwy, Chelsea 3196
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  19. Randall & Randall Hairdressers

    Randall & Randall Hairdressers

    1, 100 Barkly St, St Kilda 3182
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  20. Paramount hair extensions

    Paramount hair extensions

    5/228 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes 4227
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Whilst many people believe dreadlocks were invented by the Rastafari Movement, they have been around much longer than that. However, it was certainly the popularity of reggae music and Bob Marley who made 'dreads' trendy in the 1970s.

The earliest record of dreadlocks dates back around 3600 years to the Minoan Civilisation. The technique was also popular with the Ancient Egyptians, and mummified remains of dreadlock wigs have been discovered.

Holy Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks spread throughout the world, worn by everyone from holy men to warriors, and Spartans to the famous Whirling Dervishes.

Despite the far-reaching popularity of dreads, there is still a lot of confusion as to how they are made. Sometimes referred to as locs or Jata, a dreadlock is basically a braid. However, they can also be made by matting, rolling, backcombing, and a technique known as 'twist and rip'.

Twist and rip involves twisting sections of hair towards the scalp to create knots. This is considered a natural way of forming dreads. It is similar to the 'free forming' or 'neglect' technique, which basically means leaving your hair unwashed and uncombed until dreads form!

Salon Dreads

If you want some uniformity to your dreads, it's better to go for a salon or 'manicured' technique.

It's best to choose a salon that specialises in dreads and can also advise you on caring for your new look. Some salons use a technique called a dread perm, which basically means using rods and chemical to trick the hair into locks.

Dreads can also be made using a hook, a bit like an old fashioned crochet hook. This is a method used for tightening and maintaining existing dreadlocks, too. Dread experts say the crochet hook method is quicker and doesn't hurt as much. You don't lose length, either.

Dreadlock Myths

As you would imagine, there are plenty of myths about dreadlocks, the main one being that they are dirty. The truth is, dreads need to be washed regularly just like any other hairstyle. There is a particular way of doing this - and it's more like washing a sponge. It's recommended you use residue-free soaps and shampoos.

Another misconception is that dreads are high maintenance. Again, not true. The process of forming the dreads is lengthy, and the first month requires some effort to perfect the look, but overall they are low maintenance.

Dreads in Sport

It is for this reason that many sportsmen and women adopt the look. It's an easy style when you're busy training and competing. Interestingly, it's not restricted to track athletes - dreads are now very popular in professional American football.

There are some quite outrageous dreadlock rumours out there. For example, dreads will damage your scalp and make your hair fall out. The truth is quite the opposite. Due to the lack of brushing and damaging chemicals - and thanks to that residue-free shampoo - dreadlocked hair is usually healthier, and grows thicker and stronger.

Celebrity Dreads

One of the best rumours is that when you want to get rid of your dreads, you have to shave your head. It's true that you will need to have the dreads cut out, but you will still have some length of hair. You certainly don't need to shave your head.

In much the same way as braids, dreadlocks still offer plenty of versatility. Leave them loose, tie them up, wrap them around your head, decorate them - just use your imagination. One thing's for sure, it's a popular look for celebs right now - why, even Justin Bieber has tried them!

We recommend searching for dreadlocks here on Bookwell, to find a salon in your area, and then ask for their advice. Remember you can always try the style out first with dreadlock extensions.