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Questions & Answers

When should I get dreadlocks?

If you're looking for a bold new look with an unconventional feel, dreadlocks could be for you.

How do I care for my dreadlocks?

Wash your dreadlocks every two to four days. You want to use the shampoo at the scalp, making sure you keep your scalp health in good order. Once you've rinsed the shampoo out, be sure to squeeze as much excess water out of your dreadlocks as possible.

What should I do after dreadlocks?

Like any hairstyle, how you care for your dreads will depend on your hair type. Speak to your hairdresser for specific advice, but as a rule, you'll want to avoid getting them wet for as long as possible - up to a month if you can.

How often should I get dreadlocks?

Most people get their dreads redone every three to six months - it depends how quickly your hair grows and also how much fluffy regrowth you like.