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Top Myotherapists in Albury, VIC
Here's our pick for the top Myotherapists in Albury, VIC.

  1. Enhance Physiotherapy Albury

    Enhance Physiotherapy Albury

    2/550 Smollett St, Albury 2640
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  2. Entire Health Solutions

    Entire Health Solutions

    566 David St, Albury 2640
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  3. Shepard Health Group

    Shepard Health Group

    549 Englehardt St, Albury 2640
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  4. Muscle Matters Myotherapy

    Muscle Matters Myotherapy

    77 Meehan Ln, Osbornes Flat 3691
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  5. Muscle Matters

    Muscle Matters

    54 Isaacs Ave, Yackandandah 3749
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  6. Bodywise Remedial

    Bodywise Remedial

    Fairway Gardens, 182-186 Pickworth St, Thurgoona 2640
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  7. Peter Weir Myotherapy

    Peter Weir Myotherapy

    233 Honour Ave, Corowa 2646
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  8. Back On Track Physiotherapy

    Back On Track Physiotherapy

    429 Swift St, Albury 2640
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Questions & Answers

What's the difference between myotherapy and massage?

Myotherapy works on specific areas of pain and concerns by targeting the immediate pain and issues but will also look at the underlying concerns and causes. Whereas, massage primarily focuses on the immediate pains and concerns that are prevalent.

When should I get a myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the perfect ailment for those who are in need of rehabilitation, correction or preventative care to the soft tissue structures found in the body (tendons, ligaments, fascia, muscles). This could mean relief from back pain, joint pain, headaches and more.

What should I do after a myotherapy?

First and foremost, be gentle on the body. You should also drink plenty of fluids to help with muscle recovery. To encourage a better experience get plenty of rest and keep yourself warm.

How often should I get a myotherapy?

Your professional therapist will advise you on the recommended sessions based on your issues and desired results. You may start with up to two sessions per week or so and then gradually have fewer and further apart.

How much does myotherapy cost?

Myotherapy costs $105 on average.

How long do myotherapy sessions usually last?

Myotherapy sessions take 60 minutes on average.

What is myotherapy?

Myotherapy works on correcting and helping musculoskeletal pain by applying manual manipulation (massage) and holistic behavioural changes, such as posture.