Men's Pedicure Albury
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Top Men's Pedicure Salons in Albury, VIC
Here's our pick for the top men's pedicures in Albury, VIC.

  1. Basq Beauty Spa & Wellness

    Basq Beauty Spa & Wellness

    323 Wodonga Pl, Albury 2640
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  2. Zen Day Spa Albury

    Zen Day Spa Albury

    452 Swift St, Albury 2640
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  3. Basq Central - Beauty Spa & Wellness

    Basq Central - Beauty Spa & Wellness

    482 Swift St, Albury 2640
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Questions & Answers

What should I do after a men's pedicure?

You might like to do a little at-home maintenance with a pumice for scrubbing in the shower and then some moisturiser after.

How much do men's pedicures cost?

Men's pedicures cost $70 on average.

How long does it take to get a pedicure for men?

A men's pedicure takes about 60 minutes on average.

Why should I get a pedicure for men?

Well, because looking after your toes doesn't discriminate on gender lines. Everyone's feet deserve a little TLC, right?

How often should men get pedicures?

About once a month should do it.