Colonic Irrigation Albury
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Top Colonic Irrigation Clinics in Albury, VIC
Here's our pick for the top colonic irrigation clinics in Albury, VIC.

  1. Clinic at Latrobe

    Clinic at Latrobe

    Gilchrist Ave & Warner Rd, Beechworth 3747
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  2. FACEclinic @ Lavington

    FACEclinic @ Lavington

    347 Wagga Rd, Lavington 2641
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Questions & Answers

Why should I get a colonic irrigation?

People who love colonic irrigation say it helps with digestive issues and energy levels, along with a general feeling of wellbeing.

What should I do after a colonic irrigation?

Rehydrate! Many therapists also recommend taking probiotics, and avoiding meat for the first three days. You should also avoid alcohol for a couple of days (a bit of a drag, we know). Speak to your therapist for more specific advice.

How often should I get a colonic irrigation?

This depends on your body, and how you take to the treatment, so it's another one to discuss with your practitioner. However, three over the course of a month are often recommended.