SNS Nails Albury
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Top SNS Nail Salons in Albury, VIC
Here is our pick for the top salons offering SNS nails in Albury, VIC.

  1. Fashion Fingers - Nail & Beauty Salon

    Fashion Fingers - Nail & Beauty Salon

    510 Smollett St, Albury 2640
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  2. Indigo Nails

    Indigo Nails

    487 Kiewa St, Albury 2640
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Once you've sampled the glossy, hardwearing beauty that is an SNS manicure, you won't want to go back to natural nails. In our experience, they last for about three weeks without chipping or peeling. What's not to love about that? Whether this is a regular thing for you, or you're ready to try it out, we've made it easy to find an SNS nail appointment in Albury. Prices start at $5. Now you just have to pick a colour (or colours?).

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Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to get SNS nails?

SNS nails cost $45 on average.

Why should I get SNS nails?

SNS nails, also known as powder dip nails, offer long-lasting colour and a quick appointment time. They've won a lot of fans simply because they're so hard-wearing and can stay perfect for at least two to three weeks.

What should I do after SNS nails?

As with any nail enhancement, it's important to get SNS properly removed and to give your nails some down time to regrow between appointments.

Is Shellac or SNS better?

It depends on what you're after. SNS is great for adding extra strength and will help your nails grow with little chipping for at least two to three weeks. Shellac adds a thinner layer of colour, so doesn't offer quite as much strength, and lasts about two weeks. You'll also need to get your nails redone every time you visit a salon with Shellac, whereas with SNS you can opt for infills. If you're into intricate nail art, though, Shellac would be your best bet. And last thing, if you didn't already know, Shellac is just the name brand for gel polish.

How long does SNS last?

The wear-time on your SNS nails will depend what you to with your hands. However, as a ballpark figure, you can expect them to last two to three weeks.

How long does SNS take to get done?

SNS appointments take 45 minutes on average at the nail salon.