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Dreadlocks in Melbourne

Dreadlocks are one of the oldest hair trends in history. Worn throughout the world over time, they may be chosen for cultural reasons, or as a fashion statement.

Those who wear dreadlocks will tell you there are many benefits to this style, including convenience and low maintenance. Having the dreads put in may take a while but after that there isn't too much you need to do.

Dreads can be quite economical as they will cut down on salon visits and hair products. However, it is very important to regularly wash and condition your dreads to keep them in good shape.

Controversial Trend

Many people believe dreadlocks strengthen your hair by protecting it. There is some truth in this, as any type of hair braid protects it against friction and breakage.

It's fair to say that dreadlocks are probably the most talked about and controversial hair trend. Many countries and cultures claim ownership, with most saying they are spiritual not fashionable. Increasing popular in advertising and fashion campaigns, we see them everywhere from the red carpet to the sports arena.

Finding a Salon

As with any hair trend, it's a case of personal choice. If you do decide to get dreads, there are several ways of doing it. In the past, most dreads were formed using the 'neglect' technique. This simply means leaving your hair to do its own thing, with very little grooming or maintenance.

However, leaving your hair dirty and unkempt may not be the best idea, and you have very little control over how the dreads turn out. Better then to visit a hair salon that offers a dreadlocks service.

Salon dreads are more uniform and, in the long run, much better for your hair. Despite the casual appearance of dreads, it is very important to keep the hair clean and use an appropriate conditioner.

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