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Blow Dry in Perth

Are you ready to make waves? Then make an appointment with one of our blow dry bars in Perth. You’ll leave with soft, glossy hair and a big smile. It’s an affordable luxury that makes any day a special occasion.

Channel your inner Kate or Sienna with tousled curls – they’ll give any outfit that off-duty model vibe. Or you could go sleek and straight for that urban edge. If you have short hair and are worried about the versatility of your look, a blow out can help introduce texture and movement. The options are endless.

Here’s how to make your blowout last all week:

Start Squeaky Clean

Start with clean, conditioned hair. Do not coat your mane with ingredients that weight it down or your hair will fall flat.

Loosen that topknot

Take it down a notch. Putting your hair into a pony or a tight bun will create kinks in your fresh ‘do. To keep your face out of your, you could brush your hair straight up to the top of your head and wrap it in a large loose bun.

Dry shampoo is your friend

Flip your hair upside down and spray it three to four inches away from your hair to avoid product overload. Brush through for an instant volume hit.

Protect your hairline

When washing your face, use a wide cotton headband. Although un-glamorous, it will protect your hairline from getting wet and keep the frizz at bay.

Always wear a shower cap in the shower because moisture is the blowout’s nemesis.

Keep your hands to yourself

You may want to keep touching your glossy hair, but the natural oils on your skin will coat your strands and ruin your blowout. Look, but don’t touch.

Book well with Bookwell, and make an appointment with one of our blow-dry bars in Perth today. You’ll be blown away!