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Balayage in Perth

We want to highlight these highlights. We’re talking about jumping on the balayage boat. This technique is not only low maintenance but it gives your hair the illusion of volume and texture with a soft, beachy finish. Perth strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and fashionable; with this look you’ll fit right in.

Balayage is all about the how, not the where. It’s a modern update on the traditional highlight where the hair colour is painted onto the hair rather than using foils. There aren’t as many highlights at the top; it is focused on the bottom of the hair. The result is a more natural look that can help you achieve that ‘sun-kissed’ effect. And that’s not our only favourite thing about balayage.

Balayage is versatile It can be done on any hair type in many different ways. Talk to your hair dresser about the look you want. You can keep it traditional and subtle with a two-tone balayage, or amp up your look with different colours. You can even go reverse balayage.

Balayage looks good on everyone If your skin tone isn’t ideal for certain types of blond but you still want them, you can use balayage as a subtle way of incorporating it into your look. This way the blonde isn’t next to your skin.

No regrowth line with Balayage There’s nothing worse than having to make a trip to the salon every 4 – 6 weeks when your roots grow out. With balayage, your roots are natural. There is no obvious re-growth line because the colours are already blended in.

Less damaging We all know that bleach damages your hair to a certain extent. It’s easier to trim the dry ends rather than waiting for it to grow out.

We know you’ll love your new hair. Book your next Perth balayage hair treatment with one of our fabulous salons today.