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Eyelash Lift in Perth

If you're living the beach life in beautiful Perth you might want to consider getting an eyelash lift. This amazing treatment gives you the appearance of longer fuller lashes without using eyelash extensions or falsies. Best of all, it looked fabulous even when you've just stepped out of the surf.

More affordable than eyelash extensions, and more natural than false eyelashes, the best eyelash lift in Perth is quick and painless. In fact, it's quite relaxing so you may fall asleep.

Eyelash Lift vs Eyelash Perm

The process is similar to an eyelash perm, except the lift uses silicon pads instead of mini rollers or heated clips. The lifting solution is very gently applied and left to do its thing for a while whilst you relax.

The reason it's called an eyelash lift is that it actually lifts the lashes from the base, rather than curling them. The new upward sweep of your natural lashes will make your eyes look amazing. It can also make you appear younger.

So Glamourous

Once the treatment is done you'll probably be offered an eyelash tint to complete the look. We say do it because it makes the lift look even more glamourous?

An eyelash lift in Perth is a great solution for those who can't afford eyelash extensions or find them uncomfortable. Its great value, especially when you consider that it could last up to three months. It rather depends on your hair growth cycle. The lift lasts until your lashes naturally fall out and renew themselves.

Choose a Professional

An eyelash lift is considered completely safe so long as you put yourself in the hands of a qualified beauty therapist. Home kits are available but they're not recommended. It's very hard to do yourself and you'll probably end up with chemicals in your eye.

So give the DIY a miss and book in for the best eyelash lift in Perth.