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Spray Tanning in Brisbane

Do you want to have that sun kissed glow without the damaging effects of the sun? The spray tan is your answer to looking like you live on a tropical island all year around. Brisbane has no shortage of spray tan salons that can help you become that sun goddess that you were always supposed to be.

Everybody looks better with a tan. It makes you look healthier, and gives you that glow. It helps you to even out skin tone, and hide stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins. The best part? No tan lines so you can rock that strapless top whenever you want. It can also help give you a little extra muscle definition.

One of our favorite things to ask for is a contour tan. Your spray tan artist can visually sculpt you a set of abs, make your triceps look more chiseled and even make your bottom look more defined. They can even give you higher cheekbones but using a spray shade that is slightly darker than your overall hue. Ask them to highlight your collarbones to look instantly slimmer.

To make your spray tan last, it’s important that you exfoliate beforehand. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells, and provide a smooth base for your tan. Make sure that you get rid of any remnants of your old spray tan (if you have one). This can make your new one patchy and flaky. Do not apply lotion to your skin right after the tan because it develops better on dry skin. When showering, be extra gentle. Do not use a loofah or a scrub. Ironically, certain sunscreens have chemicals that break down the compounds in sunless tanner. Go for natural sunscreen.

Now that you’ve got that low down, book yourself in with one of spray tan salons in Brisbane today.