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Nail Art in Melbourne

When it comes to your nails, anything goes in Melbourne. The longer the better for maximum impact, with gloss and colour your main priorities. If you want to really stand out, you need to get yourself some nail art.

We're not talking some DIY nail art from the pharmacy here, oh no! You don't get away with that anymore. We're talking the very latest designs and techniques, including the mind-blowingly amazing digital nail art.

Fake It

Nail art can take from minutes to hours, depending on the intricacy of the design. Simple stripes and appliqués are quite quick to apply, and could be done in your lunch break.

For anything more elaborate, you need to leave plenty of time. Most people get this intricate type of nail art done on artificial nails, making it easier to remove if needed. The other advantage of using fake nails is that they can be pierced to hold nail jewellery.

There is a difference between 3D nail art and embossed nail art. The latter is a raised design that is created directly onto the nail. With the 3D technique, the different parts are created separately and then applied to the nail.

The Wow Factor

The choice of 3D appliqués is vast, from flowers, hearts and gems to bows, crowns, teddy bears, fairies and fruit.

As most of us working women know, the secret to success is choosing a design that has the 'wow' factor, but still enables us to do what we need to do every day. Whilst sticking real succulents or snow globes to your nails might make heads turn, is it really practical for you? (Yes, people have actually done that!)

If you've never had nail art before, be sure to have a good chat with your manicurist first. It's probably best to start with something simple and see how you go.