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Straighteners in Brisbane

We’re here to give it to you straight: silky, smooth hair is only a click away. Look through our directory of hair straightening treatments in Brisbane to find a salon closest to you. Your hair will look glossy whether you are café hopping in trendy New Farm or hipster West End.

What is a straightening treatment?

Keratin hair straightening treatments straighten your hair without causing any damage to the follicles. Your hair is essentially made out of keratin. By covering it with more of the same protein, it will smooth, protect and soften your hair.

It is also suitable for dyed hair because it can help it feel healthier.

Choose a treatment that is formaldehyde-free because this is much safer on your skin and eyes.

What happens when you’re in the chair?

It can take a few hours (but we promise it is worth every minute you spend in that salon chair). The process goes something like this:

You will start with a shampoo (no conditioner). Then the treatment is applied to your hair in small section, and is left to process for 15 minutes. Then, the product is sealed into the hair with a blow dryer. Your stylist then flatirons the hair in tiny quarter-inch sections (this takes the longest).

On to the final stages: the product is rinsed out the hair. Another round of shampoo. Almost done – bear with us. The stylist will apply a keratin sealing serum and then, it’s a final blow dry.

Make it last

Extend your treatment with a sulfate-free shampoo, and wash infrequently. We recommend three times a week max. Also, you should stay away from beach sprays. They contain sulfates and salt, which cause frizz to return.

If you enjoy swimming, coat your hair with a protective cream. Salt water and chlorine are the straightener’s enemy.

Shine on with silky, straight hair. Make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Brisbane today.