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Formal Hair in Brisbane

Updos, half-up hair styling, knots, braids and twists - when it comes to formal hair in Brisbane, it can be hard to choose a style. There's so much freedom these days when it comes to hairstyling and really, anything goes.

Attending your formal is a rite of passage and you want to look amazing. For that reason, more and more girls are choosing to book professional hair and makeup for the occasion. This is a great idea as it takes away the worry and ensures you look absolutely stunning when you arrive at the venue.

Half Up or Half Down

How you do your hair and makeup rather depends on your style of dress. One of the most popular looks is the 'updo'. This just means styling your hair in an upward fashion, such as a ponytail, twist or braid.

One of the oldest updos is a chignon and it is just so elegant. It's also a favourite with brides. The traditional chignon was quite formal and tight but this has changed in recent years. The style is now much softer and can feature braids, curls or loose tendrils of hair around the face.

Twist and Curl

The chignon can be dressed up using decorative combs, hairpins and barrettes, so it really is so versatile.

This new style of the chignon, along with the modern version of the French twist and braids, is described as half-up hair styling. This is a beautiful mix of relaxed and formal that really suits the occasion. It's just so pretty, especially when you incorporate GHD curls.

Book a Trial Run

Just like bridal hairstyling, formal hair in Brisbane can be as elaborate as you wish. This is definitely the case if your dress is quite simple. If, however, you've chosen a floaty, summery dress, you would definitely rock half-up hair styling.

If you're unsure which way to go why not book a trial run? You'll find all the information you need on Bookwell.