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Cornrows in Melbourne

If you thought cornrows were only for the beach, think again. This cheeky look is every bit as chic in the city, so don't be surprised to see cornrows in Melbourne.

Worn around the world for thousands of years, cornrows are indeed fantastic for the beach, but you can rock them just as well in the office, bar or club. In fact, it's a really neat way of keeping your hair out of the way.

From Africa to Melbourne

Cornrows are a type of braid and it's the method used to create them that gives the style its name. The underhand upward braiding technique creates very straight, raised rows across the head, just like a corn field. They can be kept casual, or dressed up with beads, gems and shells.

Traditionally, cornrows were mostly found in African countries and the Caribbean. The style was popular with African slaves, as it kept their hair tidy whilst paying homage to their heritage. Interestingly, when slavery was abolished, the look all but disappeared, as most African women started straightening their hair.

Caring for Cornrows

Whilst cornrows can be left in for many weeks at a time, it is recommended that you don't. These tight braids do pull the hair so it must be allowed to relax between braiding. You should also maintain your braids using a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Applying a moisturiser containing olive oil or jojoba is ideal for preventing dryness and scalp conditions like dandruff.

Thanks to their appearance in major advertising campaigns and on the catwalk, cornrows are very much back in vogue and are being worn with pride. It's important to remember that people choose cornrows for many different reasons, from fashion to heritage.

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