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Top 20 Salons For Cornrows
Here's our pick for the top salons for cornrows.

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  1. Desire Hair Extensions and Braids

    Desire Hair Extensions and Braids

    679 Beams Road, Carseldine 4034
    For genuine hair extensions and flawless dreadlocks and braids that set you apart and reflect your individuality, see Podia at Desire Hair Extensions and Braids in Carseldine.
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  2. Creamax Salon

    Creamax Salon

    293 Sydney Road, Brunswick 3056
    Look good and feel amazing at Creamax Salon. The friendly team are on hand for all your hair needs, including cuts, colours or glamourous hair extensions.
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  3. Mama Africa Hair Salon

    Mama Africa Hair Salon

    976 High Street, Reservoir 3073
    Mama Africa Hair Salon is a Reservoir hair salon specialising in African hair styling, offering dreadlocks, extensions, braids, and cornrows.
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  4. Haircult Beauty Lab

    Haircult Beauty Lab

    528 Princes Highway, Rockdale 2216
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  5. Katies Hair Studio

    Katies Hair Studio

    Unit 1/50 Macrossan St, Port Douglas 4877
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  6. Elixir by raQct

    Elixir by raQct

    58 Lake St, Cairns City 4870
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  7. Simply Strandzz

    Simply Strandzz

    Walk Arcade, 6/93 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe 4020
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  8. Captivate Hair

    Captivate Hair

    116 Percival Rd, Stanmore 2048
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  9. Zig Zag Hair Design

    Zig Zag Hair Design

    10 Carnation Dr, Mooroobool 4870
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  10. Infusion Hair

    Infusion Hair

    1300 Centre Rd, Clayton 3168
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  11. Elite Hair Extensions gold coast

    Elite Hair Extensions gold coast

    55 Brooke Ave, Southport 4215
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  12. Box Braids Salon Brisbane - African Braids & Hair Braiding Brisbane

    Box Braids Salon Brisbane - African Braids & Hair Braiding Brisbane

    Southwick St, Wynnum 4178
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    6B Garnett St, Huntingdale 3166
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  14. Cut N Blowdry

    Cut N Blowdry

    Shop2/28 Bungaree Rd, Toongabbie 2146
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  15. COVE Hairdressing

    COVE Hairdressing

    34 Singleton Cl, Smithfield 4878
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  16. Istashi by Design

    Istashi by Design

    162 Colby Dr, Belgrave South 3160
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  17. T.M.Hair


    53 Middleton Rd, Armstrong Creek 3217
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  18. Adnan on Kensington

    Adnan on Kensington

    53 Kensington Rd, Norwood 5067
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  19. Jan Lyons For Hair Design

    Jan Lyons For Hair Design

    214 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns City 4870
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  20. Hanson Salon | No. 1 Hairdresser in Southport, Gold Coast

    Hanson Salon | No. 1 Hairdresser in Southport, Gold Coast

    Southport 4215
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Isn't it interesting that a hairstyle that's been around since 3000 BC is also one of the most talked about? Cornrows are an ancient African hair technique that belongs to the braid family, and they are as popular as ever.

Cornrows can be worn by men and women and are very low maintenance. Sometimes referred to as cane rows, cornrows can be found throughout the world. They get their name from the fact they are tightly woven close to the head, usually in straight lines.

The secret to getting them to look good is to use an underhand upward braiding technique. This forms a continuous raised line. Decorating them with beads and shells adds glamour to the look.

As with all braids, cornrows can say a lot about your origins, religion, social and marital status, and kinship. Originating in Africa and the Caribbean, cornrows only really became popular in the US and Europe after actress Bo Derek wore them in the 70s movie, 10.

Called Bo Braids at the time, women went crazy for them and salons frantically started recruiting and training stylists who could do them. Whilst that movie may be out of fashion now, the braids are not.

Whether you are wearing them as a style or a statement, cornrows are a personal choice and don't suit everyone. It's really a case of giving it a go. It's also a good idea to understand the origins.

Many African slaves wore cornrows and not just because it was a tidy style for working. It was also a way of maintaining connections to their heritage and asserting their independence. After slavery was abolished, many African women started straightening their hair and, for a while, cornrows went out of fashion.

They were back in vogue by the 1950s and very much in the spotlight by the late 60s and 70s. By the 1990s, they were well and truly back, thanks to the hip-hop culture.

Some people believe cornrows can be damaging to your hair. This isn't really true although, if you wear them too tight for too long, there could be some breakage. As with most braids, cornrows can actually protect your hair, because it reduces the amount of brushing.

The best approach is to have the cornrows put in professionally, and listen to the advice given by the stylist. It is usually recommended that you moisturise the cornrows and your scalp regularly, using a natural oil-based cream or grease formulation.

Moisturisers containing olive oil or jojoba are particularly good at preventing dryness and scalp conditions like dandruff. Apply the moisturiser and use your fingertips to gently massage it in.

A great way of protecting your cornrows - or, in fact, hair generally - is to use a satin pillowcase. Materials such as cotton or polyester can cause friction, which may weaken and break your hair. It's also recommended that you protect your braids against wind and rain, and apply a sunscreen in summer.

There are different schools of thought on how long you should keep braids in and your stylist will advise. Generally speaking, four to six weeks is the norm. After that, the braids can get a bit messy and dry.

Traditionally, cornrows were a great way of managing course, curly hair. If your hair is very fine or thin, it's worth checking first with your stylist whether braiding is a wise choice. You could always use synthetic hair extensions to create the look.

The most common and cheapest synthetic hair type to use is Kanekalon. Alternatively, ask about Toyokalon - it's a little more expensive but said to be more comfortable.

If you'd like to give cornrows a go, have a browse through Bookwell and find a salon in your area.