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Wedding Makeup in Melbourne

If you're getting married in Melbourne you're pretty much getting hitched in the fashion capital of Australia. That means you have access to the best bridal gowns and shoes, the best hairdressers and the best professional makeup artists.

Honestly, if you're in Melbourne why wouldn't you book a hair and makeup package?

Whilst booking wedding makeup in Melbourne is an additional expense it's so worth it. This is your big day and you deserve to be pampered. Besides, having spent all that money on the dress you don't want to ruin the effect with dodgy makeup!

Book a Consultation

Professional wedding makeup in Melbourne starts with a consultation. Your consultant will ask questions about the venue, the time of day, your dress, the theme and so on. It's important for them to know whether your wedding is inside or out so they can choose the right products. They also need to allow for the weather if, say, you're getting married on a beach.

Professional makeup artists know all the tricks when it comes to applying wedding makeup. For example, you need a lipstick that stays put even with all that kissing. There's likely to be some tears, too, so the choice of mascara is important. On hot days, you'll need a foundation that stops shine.

Plan Ahead

Makeup and hair really go together so a package deal is a great idea. Together you can try a few different hair and makeup looks ahead of time to ensure you're happy on the day. If you're thinking of changing your hair colour or getting permanent makeup, this should definitely be done in advance in case you hate it.

The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is scrambling around looking for your lipstick or trying to fix smudged nail polish. You'll be a nervous wreck. So take the time now to book a consultation on Bookwell for wedding makeup in Melbourne and plan ahead.