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Henna in Melbourne

What goes around comes around! That's what they say, and it's certainly true when it comes to henna. All the rage for hair colouring back in the 70s, henna is once again a popular choice at salons in Melbourne.

Derived from a plant, henna as a hair colour is a great choice for those who like to avoid using chemicals on their hair. Unlike many hair colours, henna does not contain ammonia or peroxide. And being all natural, it's perfect for people who normally have to avoid dying their hair, due to allergic reactions.

Henna for Colour and Condition

Henna is a great hair conditioner, too, so you'll leave the salon with shiny lustrous locks, in brilliant shades of red and auburn.

Henna in Melbourne is also used for temporary tattoos and body art. This is a very old tradition, which is making a welcome comeback amongst modern brides.

Decorating hands and feet with intricate henna designs is traditional in India, where it is known as Mehndi or Mehendi. You may see it listed as such on Bookwell. Its takes a few hours to do this properly, as the designs are small and detailed.

Henna Body Art

Once applied, the henna paste needs to dry so that the dye stays on the skin. The design may be covered, to generate body heat, as this also helps the tattoo to last longer.

Unlike a true tattoo, henna body art doesn't involve piercing the skin. And it's not permanent, making it a great choice for a wedding or party. The salon will give you some tips to help make it last as long as possible.

If you'd like to book in with a salon in Melbourne for henna body art, take a browse through our listings. And remember to leave plenty of time to get it done properly - especially if you're bringing your bridesmaids!