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Henna in Brisbane

Looking for all-natural hair colouring in Brisbane? No problem! Henna has made a comeback, and it's available at a salon near you.

Henna is an amazing product that is used not only to colour your hair, but also to create amazing body art. It's affordable, it's safe, and it looks fabulous.

The Natural Alternative

Henna is another of those ancient beauty products that is now back in fashion. And that's probably because many of us are looking for healthier, more natural alternatives in the hair and beauty industry.

Henna has been popular in India, Italy and Spain for thousands of years. Non-toxic, it adds colour and condition to hair, without using chemicals, like peroxide or ammonia. And it's perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies to hair dye.

Body Art in Brisbane

If you're looking for henna body art in Brisbane, you may see it listed as Mehndi or Mehendi. Originating in Ancient India, this skilled technique uses henna paste to create intricate designs, usually on the hands and feet.

Mehndi has been used as part of the Indian wedding ceremony for centuries. And now it is becoming very popular for the same purpose here. It looks stunning and will certainly make your big day extra special.

Choosing Your Design

You can buy kits to do it yourself but, seriously, why would you? It's not easy and you're more likely to end up with big orange blobs all over you! Bookwell recommends you go to a professional - especially if it's for your wedding day.

Generally speaking smaller, more intricate designs work best on your hands and feet. The salon will be able to advise you on this, and the best way to protect the artwork to make it last longer. Be sure to leave plenty of time to get it done, as it's not a quick process.

To find a salon near you, search Bookwell for wedding/bridal henna, henna services, and henna body art.