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Piercing in Melbourne

Body and facial piercing is often considered of the most unique forms of self-expression. It can represent individuality, add interest and change up your whole look in a matter of seconds. But when you’re considering body modification, it’s important to find the right salon to suit your individual needs.

That’s where Bookwell comes in. With a curated list of some of the the most reputable piercing salons in Melbourne, you can rest assured you’ll be treated with professionalism, respect, and the utmost expertise.

The most common piercings include non-lobe ear piercings and lobe piercings, lip, navel, nose and nipple, but there’s really no limit to what you can do. It really is true what they say - if you can pinch it, you can pierce it. But if you need a bit of friendly advice, a trained piercer can help you decide what will look best on your individual facial or body shape.

Aftercare is one of the the most important things to remember when considering a piercing. The human body is a beautiful, mysterious thing, and will work to repair itself after a piercing, but you need to help it out by keeping the area clean and investing a little bit of TLC.

But what about the burning question on everyone’s lips, ‘Will it hurt?’ Well, that all depends on your pain threshold, the area being pierced, and the expertise of your piercer. For example, a piercing through nasal cartilage, as opposed to squishy, soft tissue like your ear lobe will obviously be a little more painful. But if you choose a reputable piercing salon who know what they’re doing, it won’t hurt nearly as much as you expect. Promise!

Whether you’re a piercing virgin, or a veteran looking to add to your growing collection, use Bookwell to find the perfect piercing salon in Melbourne today.