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Threading in Brisbane

Full face threading is becoming one of the most requested beauty services in Brisbane. Already recognised as a great way to get amazing eyebrows, this hair removal method can be used on all areas of the face.

Not only does threading remove unwanted facial hair with ease, it also makes the hair finer when it grows back. Eyebrows, lips, chin, nose, forehead, you name it. Once an expert threader gets to work, those hairs will be gone.

Younger Looking Skin

Even better, there is some evidence to suggest that threading can slow down the ageing process. As the treatment boosts blood flow to the skin, natural collagen is produced, which plumps out the face for a younger look.

Neck threading is also popular, covering the area from the jaw line to the collar bone. By rolling a double twisted length of thread over the area, the hairs are whipped out at the follicle, either singularly or by the row.

Less Painful, Lasts Longer

Threading is growing in popularity over facial waxing, as it is quicker, less painful and lasts longer. Whilst there may be a little redness, it is minimal compared to waxing, and no layers of skin are taken.

Threading originated in Asia, spreading through India and the Middle East before reaching Europe. Eyebrow threading is very popular in India and Iran and is usually done every three weeks.

Increasing Demand

Relatively speaking, the practice is still quite new in the Western world. However, as requests for the service increase, more training courses are popping up, so we can expect to see this method used a lot more in the future.

Most owners of threading salons in Australia are Indian or Middle Eastern and established their businesses because there was nowhere for them to book treatments themselves. That was very lucky for those of us who prefer this method of hair removal.

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