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IPL Hair Removal in Brisbane

If you're looking for more permanent forms of hair reduction, you might want to try IPL Hair Removal in Brisbane. This is an affordable way of gradually reducing the number of hairs that grow back.

The use of IPL for hair reduction was coincidental. The machines were originally designed to treat skin conditions, until doctors discovered their ability to also reduce hair growth. Technology has vastly improved these machines, making them a safe and effective hair removal solution.

IPL vs Laser

Many people wonder what the difference is between IPL Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal. Both methods use light to target hair growth cells but there are distinct differences. Lasers emit a single wavelength of light, which results in maximum penetration. IPL machines emit multiple wavelengths, which makes them fantastic for treating skin conditions, but not as effective for hair reduction.

That means you need more IPL sessions than laser sessions to reduce hair growth. However, because IPL uses a lower light intensity, it is less likely to cause skin reactions during treatment.

Not Suitable For Everyone

Whilst both methods promise hair reduction, not permanent hair removal, the more sessions you have, the more hair follicles you will destroy. After six to eight sessions you could achieve up to 90% reduction.

Making the decision to use IPL Hair Removal should always start with a professional consultation. There are some health conditions that can make IPL unsuitable or may require additional treatments.

Both IPL and Laser Hair Removal come with a certain degree of pain. It is often described as being flicked with a hot rubber band! A few hours after treatment, you may feel as if the treated area is sunburnt, but this will pass.

The good news is that there are plenty of places to book IPL Hair Removal in Brisbane. You'll find clinics listed right here on Bookwell.