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Eyebrow Threading in Brisbane

So, you've heard of eyebrow threading and you think it has something to do with hair removal, but you're not really sure. Must be really new, right?

Actually no. Threading has been around for centuries. Like many of our modern beauty treatments, threading has its roots in ancient Eastern tradition. It probably began in India around 6000 years ago and then spread through Asia and the Middle East.

Facial Hair Removal

It is still the main method for facial hair removal in India, China and Arabic countries. Most women have their eyebrows threaded every three weeks, and the method is also used to remove hair from the chin or upper lip.

The art of threading is quite technical. The therapist takes two, long entwined pieces of thread and rolls them over the area to be treated. The thread wraps around the unwanted hairs and pull them out.

Less Pain, More Gain

Whilst this may sound painful, it is actually a lot more comfortable than waxing or using tweezers - especially if you have sensitive skin. It is also extremely accurate, which is why it is perfect for eyebrows.

With no hot wax, chemicals, razors or needles, it is very gentle on the skin with no real side-effects. It can be used to remove individual hairs or a line of hair. The effect lasts three to four weeks.

For obvious reasons, this method of hair removal is really only suitable for the face. Imagine trying to de-fuzz your entire body with two pieces of thread!

The Brow Obsession

Threading is just part of our modern day obsession with achieving the perfect brow. There are more than three million Instagram posts with # brows and over half a million YouTube tutorials. That's quite a change to the 90s, when we almost plucked our eyebrows into oblivion.

Even though bushier brows are back, they need ongoing care and attention to keep them perfect, and threading could be your best shot.