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Electrolysis in Brisbane

Whilst we tend to think of electrolysis as a modern method for hair removal, it's been around for a long time. It may surprise you to know that, in its most basic form, electrolysis was invented in 1875.

Ophthalmologist Dr Charles Michel came up with the invention to remove ingrown eyelashes from his patients. The idea caught on. Electrolysis still has the longest track record for permanent hair removal.

It probably wasn't as safe in the 1870s as it is now. Its use is governed by strict health and safety legislation, which is why you should always get this treatment done by a professional.

Safe Permanent Solution

Many people are afraid to try electrolysis because it does involve the use of needles. However, these needles are incredibly fine - thinner than the hair itself. They are simply inserted into the hair follicle and then a small amount of electrical current is applied to kill the hair growth cells.

Unlike most hair removal techniques, electrolysis offers a safe permanent solution. Methods such as waxing may offer a quick fix, but the hair will regrow. With electrolysis, you do require several sessions, but the results last forever.

One of the reasons electrolysis requires a series of treatments is that your hairs have different cycles of growth. Left alone, they would grow, rest awhile, fall out and start the cycle all over again.

Professional Consultation

The first stage of your electrolysis treatment will be a professional consultation, to determine how many sessions are needed. The treatment can be used on your face, arms and legs, breasts and underarms, back, chest, abdomen and shoulders.

As well as a few likely after-effects, such as red and swollen skin, it's important to realise that the hairs don't all drop out immediately. The treatment stops the growth of the new hair, but it may take several weeks for the existing hairs to fall out.