Stiletto Nails
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Top 20 Stiletto Nail Salons
Here is our pick for the top salons offering stiletto nails.

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  1. The Nail Hair and Beauty Room Mornington

    The Nail Hair and Beauty Room Mornington

    Shop 6 / 211 Main Street, Mornington 3931
    Overhaul your look with The Nail, Hair and Beauty Room. Choose from nail treatments, waxing, hair colouring, and more.
    Next available: Wed, 19 of May
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  2. Allure Beauty

    Allure Beauty

    Shop 1 / 357A Homer Street, Earlwood 2206
    Allure Beauty is an innovative beauty salon offering premium beauty treatments based on the latest trends in Earlwood.
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  3. SHIKAN Hair, Spray Tan, Nails

    SHIKAN Hair, Spray Tan, Nails

    980 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East 3109
    SHIKAN is your one-stop shop for hair, spray tanning, and nail services in the one convenient Doncaster location. The team at SHIKAN are your special occasion experts.
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  4. Delish Nails & Beauty

    Delish Nails & Beauty

    1335 New Cleveland Rd, Chandler 4155
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  5. Nails By Blossom

    Nails By Blossom

    Keperra 4054
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  6. Image Nails and Beauty

    Image Nails and Beauty

    Shop 4/63 Penguin Rd, Safety Bay 6169
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  7. Lancefield Day Spa

    Lancefield Day Spa

    14 High St, Lancefield 3435
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  8. Positively Beautiful Nails

    Positively Beautiful Nails

    7 Glengarry Cl, Highland Park 4211
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  9. Beauty on Main

    Beauty on Main

    Shop 6/15 Tedder Ave, Main Beach 4217
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  10. Asimina Nails and Beauty

    Asimina Nails and Beauty

    179 Barbour Rd, Bracken Ridge 4017
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  11. Nuts About Nails

    Nuts About Nails

    20 Royal Terrace, Craigieburn 3064
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  12. NS Nail Brisbane

    NS Nail Brisbane

    3/322 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo 4151
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  13. Nails by Wendy

    Nails by Wendy

    28 French St, Wynnum 4178
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  14. Adora Nails

    Adora Nails

    Redcliffe 4020
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  15. Opulent Nails

    Opulent Nails

    2/685 Old Cleveland Rd E, Wellington Point 4160
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  16. Nails & Beauty by Brooke Beauty Salon

    Nails & Beauty by Brooke Beauty Salon

    8 Lucas Cres, Ormeau Hills 4208
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  17. NN's Beauty And Nails

    NN's Beauty And Nails

    20 Blenheim Rd, North Ryde 2113
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  18. Lalujama Spa

    Lalujama Spa

    1 S Creek Rd, Dee Why 2099
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  19. Tina's Nails and Beauty

    Tina's Nails and Beauty

    13 Sunbird Ct, Elanora 4221
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  20. The Nail LAB

    The Nail LAB

    Bulletproof makeup studio, 76 Kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads 4220
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Stiletto Nails

Amazingly stiletto nails are one trend that just keeps coming back into fashion. The reason why that's amazing is that they're not exactly easy to live with.

Believe it or not, this outrageously flamboyant style first appeared in the 1920s, thanks to actress Theda Bara. She kept her claws extra spiky and it really got her noticed.

Acrylic Stilettos

Most probably named after stiletto heels, there are a couple of ways to achieve this look. If your natural nails are long and strong they can be filed into the stiletto shape. Alternatively, they can be sculpted using acrylics.

Sculpting with acrylics requires the form to be rolled really tight and narrow at the tip to create a long fine point.

Most definitely a fashion statement - and sometimes referred to as claw or talon nails - the look has been seen on numerous celebrities including Rihanna and Lady GaGa. It became super popular after appearing on the runways in 2013.

In The Spotlight

According to Vogue magazine, if you want your nails to scream 'look at me' this is the style to choose. These are the nails for someone who loves being in the spotlight. However, Vogue suggests you keep away from dark colours like black and purple - as it's just too Halloween - and team the look with simple sophisticated outfits.

An alternative to going full stiletto is the 'almond'. It's a slightly diluted version of the claw that suits a more classic style.

Whilst stiletto nails will certainly get you noticed you do need to bear a few things in mind. If you use your natural nails this style is very prone to breaking, so it might be better to stick with acrylics.

Not For Contact Lens Wearers

More importantly, you need to realise that stiletto nails can cut your productivity by about 50% and you may need help with everyday tasks like applying makeup and tying your shoelaces! If you wear contact lenses you should definitely give this trend a miss.

All joking aside you will find many tasks - including your job - rather difficult once you get stiletto nails. Those who favour the look say it's just a case of adjusting and finding new ways to do things. For example, when applying makeup you will need to use brushes. You'll also become a big fan of the loofah in the shower.

Stiletto nails require more upkeep so you will need to book in regularly for manicures. Most nail salons will suggest starting slightly shorter and 'growing into' stilettos. They can also give you great advice on caring for your new claws. One really important tip is to keep them ultra clean as they can become a bit of a bacteria trap.

Release Your Inner Vamp

Whilst you may be a fan of the minimalist mani we all have to 'go mad' occasionally. Everyone should try stiletto nails at least once, just for the experience. It's a wicked look for a party or special occasion but probably not the right choice for your wedding day.

If your plan is to grow the longest stiletto nails ever you do have some competition. Houston-based Ayanna Williams broke all the records by having the 'longest fingernails on a pair of female hands'. She has more than 18 feet of nails altogether and says it takes up to a week to paint them.

You'll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest for your new look. Some of those creations totally have the 'wow' factor and there's no shortage of glitter. In fact, stiletto nails are absolutely perfect for indulging your love of nail art.

Tempted? Use the Bookwell directory to find the best nail salon in your locality, make a booking and release your inner vamp.