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Shellac in Brisbane

If you live in the city it's a pretty sure bet that you've tried Shellac at some point. Perhaps you're already hooked, or maybe you're looking for a salon that offers this service in your locality. Either way, Bookwell is here to help.

We have listed local nail salons to make it easier for you. Shellac nails are one of the most popular services. No surprise there, as professionally applied Shellac looks absolutely gorgeous.

Durability and Shine

Whilst most people refer to Shellac in Brisbane as a treatment, it is actually a brand. A hybrid between a gel and a polish, Shellac was invented by US company Creative Nail Design. It totally revolutionised manicures when it was introduced in 2010.

Shellac goes on really well, dries quickly and is extremely durable. Very hard to chip, it delivers a truly glossy shine that looks stunning.

Adds Colour, Not Length

Shellac is a blend of polymers and monomers and, like gel nails, requires hardening under a UV light. The thinking behind its invention was that it would save busy women time, by speeding up manicures.

Shellac is not used to add length to your nails. If that's what you're after, you need to use acrylic with an extension. However, Shellac should give you 14 days or more of beautiful painted nails.

Huge Choice of Colours

If you are a fan of gel and acrylic nails, you'll know that you shouldn't remove them at home. These specialised nail treatments need to be professionally soaked off in the salon. Most people simply book in every two to three weeks for refills.

Shellac can be used on your fingernails and toenails, and the choice of colours is huge. It is also a great base for nail art, or you can get creative with glitter for a party look.

To get started, simply find your nearest Shellac salon on Bookwell and book online. It's easy.