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Paraffin Wax in Brisbane

If you've never tried it you may be wondering why we are mentioning paraffin wax on a beauty site. However, when you do try it you'll be amazed; it's one of the best things you can do for your hands and even your feet.

When it was invented in Germany in 1830 paraffin wax was used for making candles. Pretty soon it became obvious it had many more uses and it wasn't long before it started appearing in beauty salons.

Health Benefits

Don't worry paraffin wax in Brisbane is made specifically for beauty purposes, although it also offers some great health benefits. For people suffering from painful and debilitating conditions like arthritis, paraffin wax is an excellent heat therapy treatment.

You will see paraffin wax in Brisbane offered at many nail salons and spas. Therapists tend to use something called a paraffin wax bath; this is a heated container that is just big enough for your hands or feet.

Smooth Soft Skin

The container melts the paraffin wax and your hands or feet will be gently submerged. Paraffin wax has a lower melting point which means it will soften at lower temperatures and not burn you.

The wax is then left to harden on your hands or feet and that's when its natural emollient qualities get to work. Massively moisturising it will soften your skin, mend cracks and improve your skin's elasticity. It can also be used to treat skin conditions like scleroderma.

Goodbye Cracked Heels

As the wax is peeled off it will remove dead skin cells allowing the new softer skin to come through. It also leaves a thin coating on the skin to hold in moisture and block the elements.

You can see why paraffin wax in Brisbane is so good for your feet. Imagine lowering your tired feet into the deliciously warm melted wax and feeling aches and pains ebb away. Then the wax is peeled off to reveal fresh new tootsies. As for dry cracked heels, this treatment is the biz!