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Nail Refill, Removal & Repair in Melbourne

If you live in or around Melbourne, then chances are you'll be looking for a great nail salon. Here at Bookwell, we know you Melbournites are a trendy bunch and always like to look your best.

How lucky are we these days to have so many great choices when it comes to our nails. From simple manicures to the latest colour technology, we can have any look we desire. And that's even more fantastic if you're a habitual nail-biter!

It's All About Maintenance

Acrylic, gel and SNS nails are fabulous for a one-off event, like a wedding or even a job interview. They are also an excellent long-term solution for keeping your hands (and feet) looking gorgeous all year round. The key word here is maintenance.

Any type of artificial nails need regular maintenance to keep them looking immaculate. Rather than seeing that as a chore, consider it a great excuse to visit your local nail salon and enjoy some 'you' time.

The nail technicians you find here at Bookwell are trained professionals and will be able to advise you on the best choices and maintenance programs for your nails. For example, if you want colour, strength and length, they'll probably suggest acrylics. If length isn't an issue, then maybe go for gel or SNS.

Chips, Cracks And Removal

Today's great nail products aren't that prone to chipping or splitting, but it can happen occasionally. When it does, hop online and make yourself an appointment, as repairs are best left to the professionals. The same applies to removals.

Depending on the product you're using, there are different methods for removing your colour, and your nail technician really does know best. Do it yourself and you risk badly damaging your nails.

Remember, you can keep your nails looking gorgeous by popping into the salon regularly for refills. Because our nails never stop growing, a small gap will emerge between your colour and your cuticle. Your technician can have this fixed up quick smart.

With Bookwell's easy booking system, great looking nails have never been so easy!