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Gel Nails in Brisbane

Do you get confused by all the different nail treatments? We can help. If you're looking for a way to extend your nails and enjoy fabulous colour and shine, you need gel nails in Brisbane.

Like acrylic nails, gel nails use an artificial extension to add length. Once fixed in place and shaped, the new nail is painted with colour, with each coast being cured under UV light.

Professional Nail Services

After a rather dodgy start in the 1980s, gel nails didn't really become popular until the late 1990s. The technology had been drastically improved by then. Nowadays you'll find gel nails in every nail salon.

Gel nails are basically a mix of monomers and oligomers. These harden to a polymer when exposed to UV light. There is a skill to getting it right so be sure to search for professional nail services here on Bookwell.

Gel nails set faster and last longer than many other nail treatments, and they are easy to remove. The look is very glossy but still quite natural. It must be said that if you are very tough on your hands, you may do better with acrylic.

Glamour and Durability

Gel nails are more like nail polish but give you far greater durability. They also use urethanes, which protects your nails from scratches.

The cost of gel nails in Brisbane is similar to acrylics. Soak-off gels last up to 14 days.

Some people avoid gel nails due to the use of UV light. Whilst there has been much debate on the subject, there is no evidence to suggest regular gel nail treatments give you skin cancer. If you are really worried, however, you can apply sunscreen to your hands before treatment, avoiding the nail area.

Alternatively, just book in for gel nails in Brisbane when you have a special event to attend. It really will add some glitz and glamour to your look.