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Swedish Massage in Brisbane

Swedish massage is one of the most popular remedial therapies in the western world, so you might be surprised to learn that it’s origins are somewhat a little blurry, and still contested to this very day. In any case, whether it was invented by Swede, Pehr Henrik Ling, or Dutch practitioner, Johan Georg Mezger, what we do know for certain is that Swedish massage is one of the best ways to achieve total body and mind rejuvenation in a mere matter of minutes.

Before you go ahead and decide whether Swedish massage is the right kind of treatment for you, it might help to gauge a better understanding of the techniques involved. Here’s a little bit more about the five main Swedish massage techniques you can expect to encounter during a session:

  • Effleurage - long, sweeping or gliding strokes alternating between light and firm pressure. The most common technique you’ll encounter, designed to promote blood flow and circulation
  • Petrissage - kneading of the muscles to get deep down below the surface and relieve tension
  • Tapotement - steady, rhythmic tapping using soft, cupped hands, as opposed to open, karate chop-style hands. This helps to loosen and stimulate the muscles
  • Friction - this one’s pretty self-explanatory, a type of rapid movement designed to warm up the muscles
  • Vibration - a back and forth, or shaking action of the fingertips or hand to help loosen up and relax the muscles

As you can probably gather, each technique is designed to warm up, loosen and stimulate the muscles. A standard Swedish massage treatment may last anywhere between 30-90 minutes, and should cover most major muscle groups in the body.

Whether you’re after slow and steady, or targeted and rigorous, Bookwell’s directory of fully-licensed Swedish massage therapists will have you well on your way to zen town, in less time than it takes you to sit cross-legged on the floor, with your hands on your knees and say, ohmmmmmm.