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Head Massage in Brisbane

If you're anything like us here at Bookwell any type of massage is a good massage. It's just so relaxing and a great way of getting rid of stress. When we think of a massage we always think of the body. However, one of the most beneficial treatments you can get is a head massage in Brisbane.

Often referred to as an Indian Head Massage, this wonderful therapy can do amazing things. For starters, it can help prevent headaches, migraines and neck/back pain. That's because the therapist will use a variety of pressure points on your back, neck, arms and shoulders.

It's a Detox

A head massage is also a brilliant detox treatment because it stimulates lymphatic drainage. It boosts blood circulation, too, which helps get rid of nasty toxins.

These actions alone will improve your mood, treat anxiety and depression and improve your sleep. This is also because a head massage helps get more oxygen to the brain, creating the same effect as exercising.

Using Acupressure Points

To take a head massage in Brisbane to the next level you can use the acupressure points to improve memory, concentration and boost brain activity. These important pressure points are found on the top of the head (Bai Hui), on your forehead (Yang Bai), between your eyebrows (Yin Tang or Third Eye) and between your upper lip and nose (Shui Gou).

Applying pressure to Bai Hui improves memory and boosts mental clarity and awareness. It's a great way to improve your concentration. Accessing the Third Eye is also great for concentration and memory and will also lift your spirit.

Hair Care

There's another coincidental benefit of a good scalp massage and that's what it does to your hair. The huge blood and oxygen boost will make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. Don't worry if the massage oil gets into your hair. In fact, leave it there a while before washing your hair as it will help moisturise the shaft.

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