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Foot Massage in Brisbane

Queensland's diverse and eccentric capital, Brisbane, is positively teeming with cafes, bars and super salons. Salons perfect for a foot massage before you amble off for a coffee or lunch afterwards, floating on air after such a relaxing experience.

A foot massage from a trained therapist has health benefits too. As your therapist expertly massages your feet, toes and lower legs, your circulation will be improved, any swelling, aches and pains will dissolve and you’ll feel totally pampered which is good for the soul. Not only that, your therapist will manipulate your ankles, stretching and rotating them, making them more supple and agile. The looser your ankle joints, the more movement you’ll have and the less likely you’ll be to suffer ankle injuries. These are all benefits you wouldn’t get from a home foot massage, however good your partner is, or fancy your foot massage machine! And think of the surroundings. Our salons are all havens of calm and serenity. No phone calls or annoying noise, just peaceful music and scented candles. And it’ll all be about you, and no one else.

If a foot massage is heaven, reflexology goes even further [insert your version of better than heaven here]. A trained reflexologist will concentrate on specific areas of your feet that relate to very specific areas of your body. So if you have a certain health complaint, such as recurrent headaches, digestive problems, stress or anxiety, you could try reflexology to help treat it.

Regardless of what foot massage you have, all start with a warm, bubbly foot soak. So any worries you have about foot freshness will literally be soaked away. And the ticklish among us need not worry either. A foot massage consists of long strokes with continuous pressure. Nothing tickly about that.

For a treatment that leaves you feeling on top of the world, book in with one of our Brisbane salons today. Your feet will thank you for it!