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Dry Brushing

Have you noticed that the simplest of beauty treatments often deliver the best results? Dry Brushing is one such example. This age-old beauty trick offers an amazing range of benefits.

Dry brushing - or dry skin brushing as it is sometimes called - has been used by many ancient civilisations, including the Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Native Americans, Turks and Scandinavians. Thankfully the tools of the trade have changed a little.

Native Americans favoured the use of dried corn cobs. Whilst this may have done a good job we reckon those cobs may have been a little on the rough side! In Finland, still to this day, they like to use birch twigs.

Importance of Skin

There are some very good reasons why dry brushing should be incorporated into our body treatments. For starters, the skin is our largest organ. Did you know that an adult's skin can span more than 20 feet? We shed thousands and thousands of dead skin cells every minute of the day. Dry brushing ensures they are removed to reveal softer skin beneath.

Our skin plays a vitally important role in getting rid of toxins. By stimulating blood flow, dry brushing encourages toxins in the blood to move to the kidneys or colon for excretion. In addition, we expel toxins through our skin when we perspire.

Dry brushing also encourages lymph drainage, which is extremely important. Our lymphatic system needs to work efficiently for our bodies to drain fluids, detox, regenerate tissue and fight illness. A healthy lymphatic system has been shown to help prevent and fight cancer.

Treating Acne

If you suffer from acne dry brushing could be exactly what you need. More often than not acne and breakouts are caused by toxins remaining in the colon. By speeding up the process of elimination you could drastically improve the condition of your skin.

Seriously, dry brushing does everything. By boosting blood flow it not only helps deliver more nutrients to the skin but also helps to tighten it for a more youthful look. It gets rid of dry scaly skin and unclogs blocked pores.

It's not just your skin that will benefit from this treatment. It also better distributes the fat beneath the skin, and tones the muscles, for a sleeker appearance. Can you believe it boosts your immune system, too?

Choose Natural Bristles

As you might expect there are a few 'dos and don'ts'. The ideal body brush uses vegetable bristle, not synthetic fibres. A vigorous circular movement should be used, working from the toes up towards the heart.

When you have the treatment at a spa or clinic it is usually followed by a shower and then a body treatment, such as a wrap or a massage. It might even be used to help treat cellulite.

You can tell the therapist how firmly or softly you like the brushing. It's also important to point out any areas that shouldn't be treated, such as sunburnt skin.

Proven Results

Different spas use different types of brushes. Some even use loofahs. That's fine, so long as the brushes are clean and a different brush is used for the face.

Interestingly, despite its long history as a beauty treatment, dry brushing has had its doubters. Some people dismissed it as a fad; others said it couldn't possibly affect our health. As for its effect on cellulite, forget it.

However, the naysayers were proved wrong. The treatment has become more popular than ever, with clients happily proclaiming its success. Even Bridget Jones - yes, the one with the diary - used dry brushing to treat cellulite.

So what are you waiting for? Dry brushing is available, affordable and offers a wide range of health and beauty benefits. Use Bookwell to book today.