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Cupping in Brisbane

The beautiful Queensland city of Brisbane is lucky enough to have a vibrant Chinese community, so cupping is a very popular therapy here. Cupping is a fascinating form of treatment when you think about it. There are no drugs or chemicals involved, just cups, usually made of glass. Yet it can successfully treat so many ailments.

Cupping is not only invaluable for treating physical symptoms, such as muscle pain and headaches, but also for helping with depression, insomnia, lack of energy and anxiety.

Sucking Out the Negative
This is because it works on our Qi, just like acupuncture does. In fact, during the Qing Dynasty, it was called Fire Jar Qi. This is based on the belief that our bodies contain energy paths. When these paths are blocked by stress and other deep-seated fears, we manifest physical ailments.

Cupping improves the flow of energy, or Chi, in the body, and sucks out any negative energy, so that our bodies can heal. Pretty cool stuff, really.

Beating Stress and Depression
And it makes a lot of sense. Even doctors who don't practice Eastern medicine agree that stress and depression can lead to illness and disease. Quite often, cupping practitioners in Brisbane will combine the treatment with acupuncture for faster results. Or it may be combined with a relaxing massage. However it's done, and even if you're doubtful beforehand, we know you're going to walk away from your first cupping session feeling a million bucks!

No Side Effects
The great thing about cupping is that there are no real side effects to worry about. At worst, you'll have a few red circular marks, that will disappear quite quickly.

Cupping is just brilliant for those who suffer from muscle pain, be it from working out, or just getting older. It gets straight to the root of the problem, and requires no medications.

So why not check out our list of cupping practitioners in Brisbane, and try it for yourself.